selection de vins de pays charentais
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LEPONTIS - Sélection de Vins de Pays Charentais


On the banks of the Seugne, the future town of Pons gets ready to greet a garrison of Roman soldiers. Without violence, they conquer the little Celtic town, as here, more than anywhere else, trade is the heart of society: wine, salt and culture are exchanged.

In the fortified city-state, the Santons, handicraft masters, put their skills on the service of the Roman Empire’s strategic focus. Romans build 3 wooden bridges, pontis in Latin, to cross the Seugne and open up to trade.

Today, we can still see the bridges that gave its name to the town. Stone has replaced wood, but the Seugne river still flows beneath them…

It is in this particular area that Jean-Michel NAUD created MAISON DES 3 PONTS: the plots still keep the heritage and character of these original lands that the wine producers have slowly won over. Only the best white Charentais vines are planted here. The excellence of this terroir mastered by men created the LEPONTIS range. Apportioned by the mild and oceanic climate, on this clay and chalky soil, a conducive environment is offered to the vine culture.