selection de vins de pays charentais
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LEPONTIS - Sélection de Vins de Pays Charentais

ROSÉ Prélude How to drink it…

Prélude is impertinent, it will come at you table and meddle with your best moments, during an aperitif or a dinner with friends… let the unpredictable continue the story.


The grapes are picked and pressed. During this operation, the pulp will macerate with its skin; it will give the wine a slightly rosy colour. The must is spared from the lees, the alcoholic fermentation will be set at a low temperature (18°C) to obtain fermentation aromas called amylic. The wine is then rapidly racked and filtered. The bottling respects the wine, with a slight filtration and nitrogen inerting.


Red fruit aromas, slightly acid and fresh

Aperitif, fresh vegetable salad, fish carpaccio, grilled meat and vegetables, fruit salad

Drink within two years

Serve at 9°C/11°C

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